Spring In your Step

Dance Music For Old People


Here’s The Skinny

The 2021 Spring Equinox hits at 4:37 am CT on Saturday 20 March, so we’re gonna be pagans and dance the winter cold away.

Devin Pike is dishing out a dance mix that will make you laugh, groove, sway, jump, whatever you feel like doing. It’s your living room or bedroom! Who CARES what it looks like?!?

We invite you to do the following:

  • Prior to Friday night, get a bottle or two of your favorite spirits, or a six-pack of your favorite beer. Whatever you think would be appropriate for a night out, and be sure to tip appropriately.
  • At 9:00 pm CT, click this link and turn the volume up. (If you want to pregame for premiere living room action, load the Twitch app onto your AppleTV, Roku, or Fire TV; set up a free account at Twitch.tv; and follow the channel “ThatDevinGuy,” where we’ll be streaming.)
  • Dance in your living room. Or bedroom. Or patio. Wherever you want.

The music will lean HEAVILY on retro and disco, but will have some newer bangers as well. Whatever the mood takes me to, that’s where we’ll head.

Oh, you want to make a request? GREAT. Donations to WHO NEEDS SLEEP get your favorite song played. The higher the donation = the more outlandish the request. (And I’m telling you right now, you can not afford “Baby Shark.”)

Spring is all about renewal, and building positive energy. We need a lot of both, so let’s will it into existence.

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