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Universal Remote

Pop culture quiz show seeks intrepid players to test their mettle weekly.
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About Universal Remote

Born from a love of the quiz shows in the Seventies and Eighties, as well as a healthy dose of MTV’s first scripted series, REMOTE CONTROL, Devin Pike and the Bacon Samurai Productions crew created UNIVERSAL REMOTE in 2015 as a live quiz show. The action was quick, the questions were hard (sometimes), and the fun was plentiful.

Flash-forward to March 2020. Suddenly, a whole nation of freaks & geeks were stuck at home with very little to do. Devin dusted off his file folder of questions, fired up his streaming rig, and brought UNIVERSAL REMOTE into the streaming era. It’s set up so everyone can play simultaneously against each other, with the fastest answers getting the most points. There’s also celebrity interviews and the occasional visit from the show’s spiritual adviser, PigMan.

The show caught on. It had legs. It gained fervent fans. The Dallas Observer awarded UNIVERSAL REMOTE the “Best Game Show” award in their Best Of Dallas 2020 issue. (We’re as shocked as you are. Believe it.)

Meet The Hosts

Devin Pike

Devin Pike

A film critic and entertainment reporter for over 35 years, Devin Pike co-hosted the movie review and entertainment show Reel Geniuses, and was the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Red Carpet Crash (back when running an entertainment web site meant something). He has hosted, directed and produced programs for Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA, CBS Radio, Rational Broadcasting and Time Warner Cable. He’s working on EVERYTHING DOESN’T SUCK (details are at http://EverythingDoesntSuck.com/), a feature documentary on how the Web has changed film production and promotion, scheduled for completion some time prior to the heat death of the Universe.

PigMan … is an enigma. PigMan is me. PigMan is you. PIGMAN IS LOVE.

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